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Group History

The Story of Success

1960s - The Beginning

The term OM is an abbreviation for Omar mietig, a Libyan businessman who founded his company in the 1960s. He held businesses that specialized in the trade market as well as glass and steel manufacturing . His business grew and evolved over time, eventually becoming the top organization of its period.

1980- Participatory

In the early 1970s, if a company wanted to continue operating in Libya, it had to become participatory. And Omar Mitigue’s firms were no exception, as he established a new company called al Wafaa participatory, which specialized in general commerce and manufacturing and established in Tripoli in the 1980s and occupied a particular role in the world of business until 2003.

2003- new generation

In 2003, a new, separate company for real estate consultants and corporations was established. This company is known as “Dat Al Shatain,” and it specializes in tourist investment and hotel development.

2007 - Glory

Dat al-Shatain established and constructed the Thobacts luxury hotel in 2007, which was the greatest of its kind and Libya’s first private hotel.

Later in 2012, the organisation extended into other areas such as power, imports, groceries, transportation, health care, and oil and gas.


And, lately, a businessman named Siraj Mietig, the grandson of Omar Mietig, continued on his legacy by combining all of these enterprises into one large corporation known as “OM Group.”

and the OM Group is still expanding today, with over 13 businesses and over 12 different services to offer, thanks to the current owner’s competence and creativity, as well as the incredible business ideas and experience Omar Mietig has crafted over more than 60 years. The identity of OM Group today is the result of this unique history and professional work.