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Group History

The Story of Success

1960 - The Beggining

Since its creation in 1960 by the business man omar mietig and the group was leading the market in glass, steel business ,the Group has continually developed and evolved, ultimately becoming the leading organization  in Luxury till the 70s. 

1980- Participatory

After the gadaffi rule all companies in Libya had to become a Participatory if it wanted to continue working . Om Group was no different, OM Group opened as a new company under the name al wadaa participatory as it specialized in general trading and manufacturing and it opened in Tripoli and henceforth occupied a special place in the world of business in the 80s and all continued till 2003.

2003- new generation

in 2003 al jeel al jadeed inc created and founded a new seperate company for real estate consultant and Corporations

2007 - Glory

in 2007 a new company under the OM Group was founded. dat al shatain and at its time it was the biggest at its era and it was was the first private hotel and tourism investment company in Libya.

It continued till 2012 and expanded to different categories like electricity, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, transport, health care and gas


OM Group is still growing today with more than 13 companies and over 12 different services to offer thanks to the expertise and inspiration of the current owner of the group and the boldly creative and authentic worlds omar mietig have fashioned over more than 60 years. OM Group’s identity today is the result of this unique history and professional work.